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Timed intelligent card heating locked valve HXHMK-DN20-DN32


OverviewIt is mainly used for centralized heat-supply area-based charging management and ensures timely and reasonable heat-supply charging. On the basis of the centralized heat-supply area-based charging policy, taking the charging price and the actual heating time of a heating season as a benchmark, the charging price of unit area within unit time (unit price) is determined, and users purchase heat for consumption (time) in the price. The intelligent heating control valve (hereinafter referred to as the heating control valve) calculates heat fee based on actual heating area, unit price and heat consumption time, and deducts it from the purchased amount. When the purchased amount runs out (turning to be 0), heat supply is stopped, and users need to pay heat fee again and then can continue to consume heat. In this way, the heat charging management can be achieved.

Main function

1. Prepaid management

Prepaid mode means that users purchase heat prior to use: when the initial available heat (time) showed on the heating control valve is zero, the valve is closed. After a user opens an account and purchases heat at a heat sale site, he can get a user card. After he inputs the data specified in the card into the heating control valve, the valve can be opened for normal heat supply. After the available heat displayed on the heating control valve runs out, the valve is closed. After the user purchases heat at the heat sale point with the card, and inputs the data specified in the card into the heating control valve, he can continue to consume heat.

2.Heat and cool supply charging control

It is applicable to not only centralized heat-supply charging management control, but also charging management control of a central air conditioning system.

3. Card reissuing and recycling transfer function

Each heat purchase with the user card only corresponds to a successful trade of the heating control valve. If the user card is lost, it can be reissued based on the software database management function of the charging management system and the original purchase amount would not be lost or repeated. When the heating control valve needs to be changed, a data recycling transfer card can be used to transfer data and information in the meter to a new meter, without affecting the use and operation of the user card.

4. Shutdown alarm prompt in case of faults

It has a self-checking function under the operating condition. In case of any fault of a clock, a battery and card operation and others, the valve would be closed automatically and give an alarm prompt, and give another alarm prompt in case of shortage of purchased heat amount so as to prevent damage and ensure safety and reliability.

5.Data storage

It can store the historical data concerning heat consumption of users so as to provide convenience for users inquiry management and statistical analysis.

Main technical features:

1. It is applicable to centralized heat supply and a central air conditioning system.

2. Its working principle is so simple that users are easy to accept it, energy saving and charging management are convenient.

3. LCD clock, remaining amount, valve status and other parameters are clear and visualized, and can be inquired conveniently.

4. It has reliable heat supply control valve design technology, is high-temperature resistant, and has long service life.

5. It has an automatic scale control mechanism, and regularly opening and closing the valve can protect the valve from scaling and complete rusting and thus ensure reliable motion of the valve.

6. Power supply with a lithium battery and ultra-low power consumption design prolong its service life by 6 years.

7. Battery low-voltage alarm and automatic valve shutdown.

8. Valve shutdown alarm prompt in case of shortage of remaining heat amount purchased (time).

9. One meter corresponds to one card, and non-contact radio frequency IC card deign is adopted, all of which ensure convenient operation, safety and reliability.

10. A special encryption algorithm ensures data safety and great confidentiality.

11. Adopt IP65 and IP68 protection grade design, and guarantee of a long-term water immersion operation test, and strong environmental suitability.

12. It can be supported together with water meters of our company so as to achieve all-in-one card system and provide convenience for unified charging management of users.

Main technical data:

Diameter rangeDN15DN32                                                      Clock display resolution1min

Clock error±05sh                                                              Working pressure16MPa

Working voltageDC36Vlithium battery)      ☆Static working current20µA

Valve working current65mA               Battery working life6years

Installation methodHorizontal, inclined or vertical

Protection gradeIP65It can be achieved based on requirements IP68

Environmental temperature:(-2555


Nominal size


Connection method

Internal thread connection

Protection grade


Medium temperature


Rated pressure

1. 6MPa

Environmental temperature


Protection cover

ABS Protection cover


36V High capacity lithium battery

Static current


Output torque


Speed reduction driving motor

All-metal protection, all-metal gear and large torque