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On-off controller


On-off time and area method system

On-off heating energy saving solution

OverviewThe on-off time and area method means that total heat output of buildings are apportioned based on the water supply time of a heating system of each household. It specific method is that, a valve on-off control valve is installed on the branch circuit of each user for on-off control of the circulating water of the user so as to realize indoor temperature adjustment of the user. Meanwhile, a room temperature controller is placed in the representative room of each user to collect indoor temperature and be available for users to set temperature, and transmits the two temperature values to the valve on-off control valve. The valve on-off control valve determines the turn-on/turn-off ratio of the on-off valve within a control period based on the difference between the actually measured room temperature and the set value, and controls the on-off of an on-off regulating valve based on the turn-on/turn-off ratio to regulate the heat supplied to indoor space, and meanwhile records and counts the turn-on time of the on-off control valve of each user, and apportions the heat of the whole building based on the accumulated turn-on time of each user and in combination with heating area. The device conforms to the technical requirements of the Technical Specification for Heat Metering of District Heating System and the Technical Requirements of the Heat Allocation Device by Heating Time and Heating Area.

System composition

The on-off time and area method is composed of the following five parts: a room temperature controller (wireless or wired), an on-off controller and valve, a data acquisition calculator, a unit or building heat meter and on-off time and area method management system.

The room temperature controller and the on-off controller usually use wireless 4M frequency band for communication; the valve controller and the terminal server use M frequency band for communication so as to realize heat allocation.

Schematic diagram of system composition



2一室温控制器 Room temperature controller

3一通断控制器 On-off controller

4一截止阀 Stop valve

5一水过器 Water filter

6一楼栋热量表 Building heat meter

7一数据线 Data line

8一供暖回水管Heat supply water return pipe

9一供暖供水管 Heat and water supply pipe

10一水流方向 Water flow direction

11一采集计算器 Acquisition calculator

12一数据信息管理Data information management


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