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wireless remote transmitting intelligent water meter LXSY-15E~25E


OverviewThe Chenshuo brand pulse remote transmitting intelligent meter is a new intelligent water meter researched and developed by our company in combination with market needs, and is additionally provided with electronic units on the basis of a traditional rotor mechanical water meter, and integrates signal conversion, collection, storage and remote transmitting. In addition to the functions of a common water meter, it also has a communication function. The wireless or wired meter reading network formed between the meter and instrument collection equipment can realize remote reading and control of the water meter through GPRS network without entering into households, and managers can set or modify all parameters of the water meter through meter reading software and can also copy back the information in the meter for statistical processing and monitoring by management departments.

Performance characteristics:

High performance cost ratio, and convenient installation, new and old water meters with different diameters can be modified.

Stable performance, high sensitivity and mature technology.

It uses fully sealed design and IP68 waterproof protection, is not affected by water or fog and can be used under the humid environment for a long term.

It uses three-pulse design that can effectively solve the inaccurate reading arising from back motion and water hammer of the water meter.

It can adopt M-BUS, RS485 and wireless router and other several communication methods

It is internally provided with a lithium battery that can ensure normal metering of the water meter even if communication is cut off.

Electronic units are detachable. In case of faults of electronic units, they can be independently replaced without affecting normal use and metering of the water meter.

Meter reading is convenient, and it can adopt several meter reading methods such as on-the-spot direct reading, collector-based semi-automatic meter reading and GPRS full-automatic remote meter reading to get water volume information in real time and easily realize differential pricing.

An electronic ball valve can be installed optionally based on actual needs to realize remote valve control.



Project Description

Technical standards

CJT 2242006Electronic Remote-Reading Water Meter

GBT 77812007Cold Potable Water and Hot Water


Class 2

Flow parameters



16MPa Water pressure,do not leak within 15 minutes

Working water pressure

Water pressure00--10MPa

Pressure loss


Direct reading accuracy


Maximum reading


Semi-automatic meter reading display                              full-automatic meter reading display