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Introducing remote water meter
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Remote meter and intelligent centralized meter reading system is the use of microelectronic technology, self-control technology
Remote meter and intelligent centralized meter reading system is the use of microelectronic technology, self-control technology, communications technology and network technology to measure the amount of water and water data transfer and settlement transactions of the new smart meter.

In accordance with the measurement base table and management center computer system transmission method is divided into remote meter wireless automatic meter reading system and remote meter wired network automatic meter reading system.

Far from the meter specifications: DN15 to DN200, covering all the meter diameter.

Remote meter wired network automatic meter reading system

The whole system is composed of the management center computer system, transmission network, bus network, data concentrator, data collector, remote meter, composed as follows:

The use of this meter reading method, is the water meter electronic measurement of water volume information sent through a feeder to a data concentrator, a number of data concentrator and then connected to each other to form a network and then use two methods to collect meter reading data. One is to use a laptop or a dedicated meter reading machine to connect to the site to collect data. The second is to use a modem to connect to a WSC computer system via a telephone line, radio station or network technology (GPRS, GSM, CDMA) for meter reading. This approach is more networked than radio meter reading system, but also relatively reduce the interference, but also lower cost, confederation rate is low, maintenance is relatively easy, is a more easy to implement a program is now installed around Mostly use this system.

Remote Water Meter Wired automatic meter reading system mainly through the following four links to complete:

1, The signal conversion link
This link is mainly the sensor through the gear transmission into the switch signal or electrical signal output, the sensor installed in the meter reading plate or counting gear set, and intelligent prepaid meter similar to the ordinary water meter is also used as a base table.

2, Data acquisition, storage links
The signal formed by the sensor, after counting, signal processing, accumulation and other processes into water meter measurement data and dynamic storage, waiting for meter reading, is done by the data collector.

3, The data link
Centralized way of communication using a handheld meter reading (or a dedicated meter reading machine) on-site meter reading and telephone networks, network technology (GPRS, GSM, CDMA), radio meter reading, they are the system's data concentrator.

(1) Pocket PC (or dedicated meter reading machine) on-site meter reading. Connect the communication line of your handheld computer (or a dedicated meter reading machine) to the dedicated communication socket of the data logger (or through the infrared interface) in the field. In the handheld computer (or dedicated meter reading machine) can be completed after a simple meter reading, one can copy hundreds or even thousands of households. The Pocket PC (or a dedicated meter reading machine) back to the company connected to the company's computer to upload meter reading data for billing. This method is currently used more generally.

(2) telephone network, radio meter reading. In the data concentrator and corporate computers through the modem and telephone lines connected to or radio stations, but also can be copied hundreds or even thousands of households. The telephone network needs to install a smart splitter. The intelligent splitter identifies the specific signal sent by the incoming party's telephone, connects the connection between our computer and the data concentrator, and completes the meter reading. When the wireless station reads the meter, Computers and concentrators are far apart, and you can not use the telephone dialing, you can use this method. According to different radio transmit power, the transmission distance is generally a few kilometers to tens of kilometers. The transmission of this kind of communication is apt to be disturbed by the stray electric wave, the bit error rate is high, the reliability is affected.

(3) network technology, is the master computer and concentrator by network technology, such as GPRS, GSM, CDMA and other technologies, direct meter reading connection, without distance, time constraints, safe and reliable, fast transmission, Accurate information in a timely manner, enabling online monitoring of water meters for all water users, this approach will be imperative in the future.

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